Artist Series: Brian Johnson August 15 2013

Solé Fixtape Vol. 15: French Horn Rebellion July 29 2013

French Horn Rebellion are two brothers that were born in Milwaukee & currently reside in Brooklyn. When Robert told the Chicago Civic Orchestra to F off, he created French Horn Rebellion and laid down some funky beats instead. It was a great move, as the sounds speak for themselves. This tape is very intricate & lively. There is never a dull moment, or an instrument forgotten. We can't wait to see what the boys come up with next, but in the meantime, we present to you our newest installment in the fixtape series, Vol. 15.  Now speed off into wonderland and get goofy with the weird, weird world around you.

Christopher Williams - Dreamin' (French Horn Rebellion Beef-up)
Ghost Beach - Been There Before (Shook Remix)
MFSB x Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy Wit It (French Horn Rebellion Re-Edit)
Aeroplane - We Can't Fly (Oliver Remix)
French Horn Rebellion - Girls Ft. JD Samson and Fat Tony (FM Attack Remix)
Airbird & Napolian - In the Zone
French Horn Rebellion - This Moment (Kap10Kurt Remix)
Quinten 909 - Discodreams
Rogue Vogue - Say You Will
Yazoo - Situation (Joey Negro Re-Edit)
The Sexinvaders - Metropolis (The Original Fakes Remix)
The Supermen Lovers - Say No More (Jupiter Remix)
French Horn Rebellion vs. Database - Poster Girl (Justin Faust Remix)
Solidisco - Never Let You Go
Mr. Vegas - Bruk it Down (DCUP Remix)
Viceroy & French Horn Rebellion - Friday Nights
French Horn Rebellion Ft. The Knocks and Fat Tony - Love is Dangerous (FHRekles Remix)
Madeon x St. Lucia - Oui Got it Wrong (Xaphoon Jones Bootleg)
Classixx - Holding On
French Horn Rebellion ft. Jody Watley and Young Empires (Blende Remix)

Solé Fixtape Vol. 14 Zimmer June 28 2013

Feel like escaping reality for an hour?  No problem, your pals at Solé Bicycles have got ya covered.  We've called upon our Cali-Parisian confidant to put together the first official Fixtape of the Summer.  Combining forces with his own mixtape series, Zimmer, outdoes himself yet again and composes an hour-long summer anthem, exclusively for you.  We're pretty sure summer is actually the only thing this guy thinks about -- even his winter mixtapes make you wanna fake drown yourself just so you can trick Wendy Peffercorn into kissing you.  

But seriously, after you read this post and download the Fixtape, you need to immediately shut your computer, grab your shades and your best mate and head straight for the nearest gathering of radness.  "But Solé, where is the nearest gathering of radness?" Fear not, young radness seeker, the Fixtape will be your guide.  It will steer you towards the only destination it knows.  

Exclusive Download HERE

Tracklist Coming Soon...

More about Zimmer:

Zimmer’s music is a feel good, body-warming and enthusiastic wave that goes straight to the heart and stays until the end of the night. Growing up between France and California, this young producer is a gentle combination of both worlds: west coast carefree attitude with a twist of parisian chic.  Call it horizontal disco or elegant funk, he’s all about groove, with influences ranging from Ben E. King to Midnight Star. His favorite contemporary producers include Aeroplane, Moullinex, or Alan Braxe.  When not producing, he also DJs in low-ceiling clubs and fancy parties. He cultivates the art of mixing à la Larry Levan, playing from 100 to 125 bpm.  Check out his first realease out on Discotexas, Cruisin’, a slow disco jam that takes you straight to summer time.  Since his debut single "Cruisin" on Discotexas, Zimmer came a long way. His music has been supported by Bag Raiders, Moullinex, RAC, Goldroom and more. He toured all over Europe, Mexico and California. Finally, the popular monthly "Zimmer Tapes" make him a true tastemaker of today's disco scene.

Sprinting on a Solé June 24 2013

This past week we caught word of a fellow Solé Family member repping her Fiancé in a sprint marathon! 

All of us at Solé wanted to hear more about this tremendous feat, so we set up an interview with rider Natalie Vavrasek. What follows is truly amazing, whether you’re a hardcore commuter or just a happy hour cruiser you can really appreciate the dedication and effort that Natalie puts into everything she does.


Natalie Vavrasek

Where are you from?

Originally from Horseheads, NY but now I live in Salt Lake City, UT

Which Solé do you ride?

My tricked out fiancé with modified dual breaks (to make it race legal), toe clips, and a handy water bottle cage on the handlebars

How long have you owned your Solé?

I bought my Solé about 2 months ago so I haven't had it that long. This is the first "serious" bike purchase I've ever made and I'm really happy with my decision! I've gotten nothing but compliments on it!

So you did a Sprint Triathlon on a Solé?

Yes, I competed in the Daybreak Triathlon in South Jordan, UT. It was a USAT sanctioned event. This was also my very first triathlon and my first time ever cycling in a race. I had several people coming up to me before and after the race checking out my bike and asking me where I got it. I can't blame them, with such an awesome color combo I wouldn't have been able to resist asking either! I was also told several times that I was "hard core" for riding a single-speed bike in my very first tri.

Were you riding Fixed?

 I'll admit I used it as a single-speed for this one. It would not have been practical with the steep hills toward the turn-around point for me to go fixed, although it probably would have helped me keep my pace a lot better! I have ridden fixed in practice and will probably keep switching back and forth until I become more comfortable. I am a complete notice to cycling so I don't have much experience and I have A LOT to learn.

Were you the only person riding single?

Yes, I was the only person who was on a single-speed bike! I had several elite athletes coming up to me after the race telling me that I deserve a special award for doing that, especially with the steep hills! I feel like I earned some respect in the triathlon community for pushing through while I could hear everyone else switching gears on the inclines. I even passed a few people who were on traditional road bikes!

How Far was the riding section?

The sprint course was 23.5k (14.6mi) with an approximate 740ft elevation gain in the first half peaking at a 9% grade for miles 6 & 7 before the turn around.

Give me a brief overview of the experience:

This was one of the best experiences I've had as an athlete. I've been athletic my whole life, doing competitive NCAA diving in college and numerous sports throughout my childhood and teenage years. Being able to call myself a "Triathlete" is an honor. I loved telling people about my bike and why I decided not to take the "easy route" with a rented multi-speed bike. The awesome pink rims on my Fiancé made it easy to spot my bike in the transition area, which was a HUGE plus!

 I truly believe that if you work hard and are a good athlete with a positive attitude you can succeed on almost any equipment and can embrace the different challenges presented to you. I love challenging myself and seeing what my body and mind are capable of accomplishing. I plan on doing more races in the future and I will continue to train and race PROUDLY on my Solé!

 Has this made you love your Solé even more?

I definitely have more respect for Solé and for myself as a competitor after this race. I feel like I can really appreciate the sport of cycling and I am proud to be able to compete with the elite athletes using my God-given muscle strength and tenacity. It's not about bells, whistles and's about dedication, encouragement and sporting the hottest looking bike in town!


An amazing feat like this could only be completed with a little extra drive.  For Natalie this little extra push came from #LIVELIKEBELLA, a campaign set out to honor Bella Rodriguez-Torres, a little girl who lost her battle to cancer 2 weeks ago. 

According to Natalie She was a ton of the inspiration behind her entering the race. Bella's family encourages people to challenge themselves and do something fun and new every day to honor Bella and how she lived. You can find more info about her here: 

As you can tell this story is amazing, so we couldn’t resist sharing it with you! If you have a unique story of your own please send us your info and we would be happy to share it with the rest of the Solé family!

Solé Bicycles Cyclavia Ride Sunday, June 23, 2013 June 21 2013


We want to let all of you on the west coast know that we will be doing a Solé meet up ride at this Sunday’s CICLAVIA

If you don’t have a Solé bicycle don’t worry, we want to encourage all of our friends and followers to come out and enjoy this great event! 

Come ride the "One Wilshire Hub" with all the Solé Peeps, it's sure to be a great time. 

What better way to reward yourself for all of your hard work is there than with a sweet treat from Milk Jar Cookies? We couldn’t think of one so we are planning on meeting there around 12:00pm.

Solé // Ciclavia Ride 

Where: Milk Jar Cookies

When: 12:00 pm, Sunday, June 23, 2013

If you are not familiar with Ciclavia, it is an event that encourages the use of alternative methods of transportation. Each Ciclavia has a route that is temporarily closed to car traffic. Allowing hundreds of rider, walkers, skateboarders and even people on roller blades to enjoy a unique experience with added safety. Along the route there are fun events and guided tours! This month’s route is along Wilshire Boulevard. People will be coming from all over to ride their fixies, single speeds, and city bikes, through the closed off route.  The full route can be found Here

If you want to learn more about Ciclavia you can find additional information on there website 

Also if you are in the market for a fixed or single gear bike make sure to check out our website for information about our Single Speed bikes! We just recently dropped our summer lineup of colors that will make your summer complete. 

Blue and white Fixie


Solé Bicycles Summer Launch Event Recap June 20 2013

11 Second Recap From the Solé Bicycles Summer Launch Event

1. Solé Bicycles is All About a Good Time, this Event was for the People by the People, and WE MAKE BICYCLES!!!! 

Solé Art bike by Shelby and Sandy

2. Local Tastemakers & Bloggers were out in Full Force!

3. Production was off the Chartzzzz (Notice LED back lights!)

Solé Bicycles Summer Launch LA

4. Le youth Finally Decided to Play a Show....

Solé Bicycles Summer Launch LA, Le Youth DJ

5. Plastic Plates Grew a Beard!

Solé Bicycles Summer Launch LA, Plastic Plates DJ

6. The Party was Cool.....Tropicool.....

Solé Bicycles Summer Launch LA, Tropicool DJ

7. There were Chicks!

Solé Bicycles Summer Launch LA

8. Lots of Chicks......

Solé Bicycles Summer Launch LA

9. And of course the Bro's will Follow

Solé Bicycles Summer Launch LA

10. Did I mention we Make Stylish Art Bikes

Solé Art bike by Mike Parillo

11. Homegrown Tennis superstar turned DJ / Mega-Agent, Steffi Graf, also played some type of Nu-Bluegrass


Full Amazing Photo Album Courtesy of Rony's Photo Booth

Artist Series: Mike Parillo June 18 2013

Mike Parillo was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Mike started pursuing a life of endless possibilities at age seventeen. An extremely avid snowboarder, Parillo lived in a tent on the snow in the mountains of local Big Bear, California where he dedicated his life to the sport that would soon become one the most popular winter time activities in the world.

Parillo developed a passion for painting and visual art in 1994. This caused a shift away from the snowboard scene and in 1998 Mike migrated away from life in the snow and “getting paid to play on the mountains with plastic toys”. Following, Mike moved back to his native LA from his snowboard fantasyland of Jackson, Wyoming to live with a group of friends and artists with similar motivations and plans: to dedicate their everyday to creating and self-education. Parillo has no formal art training and is self-educated in painting technique. The path he has taken is one of trial by fire.

Mike spent 1998 – 2008 accomplishing his goals while living between LA and Europe (Prague, Czech Republic). His creative journey was deeply infused with a myriad of new cultural, personal, and artistic experience as he went back and forth between continents.

After his last 2-year stint in Prague, Parillo came full circle and relocated to Jackson, Wyoming. He has found equilibrium there and combines the two worlds of his two major passions: an active outdoor existence and a full time creative pursuit of his artistic dreams. Mike now productively lives, plays, and paints with balance in the great state of Wyoming.

An icon in the snowboard universe, the legendary Mike Parillo is respected as one of the leading artistic visionaries of the action sports industry. Mike has contributed substantial inspiration and essential work to major companies like Volcom and Lib Technologies for two decades. His personal artistic endeavor conveys a soul-searching journey through reality and beyond. Parillo accesses extraordinary depth; his work maps the common as well as less traveled intricacies of our existence. Using symbols and visions from personal and universal human experience, he captures an essence of introspective awareness and sets a stage for true-life adventure. Total Fantasy / Absolute Reality.

Solé Fixtape Vol. 13 - Touch Sensitive June 04 2013

Future Classic's own, Touch Sensitive isn't a sound, it's a feeling.  It's served frothy, always smooth, and imported strait from down under.  We figured what better way to celebrate his move to LA then getting him on fixtape duty and tossing him a Solé to tear up the streets.  With a wardrobe only to match the intricacy of his sounds, a beautiful music mosaic is formed.  Ascending and descending melodies paired with funky bass will have you cruising in the sun-kissed rays in no time.  It's time to eat some pizza, get sensitive, see sounds, and listen to colors because when this tape is over, you'll swear you might have drank a little too much of that serotonin smoothie.

Exclusive Download HERE


"Cry' The Reels 
"Varsovie" Elton John Dub 
"Cero" Galarude (DJ Harvey Remix) 
"Triscuits" PBR Street gang remix 
"Valley Of Paradise" Psychmagik (Greg Wilson Remix) 
"Goldfisch" Kolsch (Original Mix) 
"Blessings" Mark Du Mosch 
"Paper Tears (Original Mix) B.d.i 
"You Are My High" Demon 
"Say Something (Original Mix) Fort Romeau 
"Illuminations (Discodeine Remix) Zombie Zombie 
"Peach Pit" The Swiss 
"A Fax From The Beach" Classixx

About Touch Sensitive:

Touch Sensitive's debut single 'Body Stop' was one of the first tracks released on Future Classic, all the way back in 2004. Cloaked in anonymity it's cosmic vibes and Italo authenticity made it a cult favourite among discerning DJ circles from East London to Brooklyn. Re-emerging in 2006 under the Arithmatixx! pseudonym to produce a remix of (at the time) fledgling disco producer Mario Basanov it was later revealed both aliases to be the solo project of Van She co-writer and co-founding member Michael Di Francesco. Fast forward to 2012 and his third track 'Real Talk', a collaboration with Anna Lunoe, saw Touch Sensitive spend five (5!) months at the top of the Beatport indie-dance charts with what was universally recognised as one of the underground hits of the year. 2013 see's the release of his debut EP 'Show Me The Pizza Guy', previewed by LA super-producers Classixx in their mix for The Fader and Triple J they affectionally cite that "The Touch Sensitive tracks are masterfully produced and ultra-emotive. 'Pizza Guy' transports me to running the final stretch of my high school x country races in slow motion."

Solé Fixtape Vol. 12 - Cassian May 14 2013


Far Far away, in a land down under, there lived a man, a man known as the disco dictator.  The legends told of him healing kangaroos from his bass reverb alone.  It was clearer than a diamond in an icestorm that the man had talent.  Once he started sprinkling in hi-hats and peppering synths, he would raise roos from the from the dead every time an 1/8th note hit.  It is said every cactus in the outback is a remnant of a holy beats past.  Seemed like it was only destiny that brought this lord to the fixtape series.  His name is Cassian, and he likes to funk.

Express your Solé May 09 2013


Glenn Harris directed this video for us in-and-around 3 of the different boroughs of New York City, with the help of Glenn's exceptional Director of Photography Sergio Reynoso, and his hard working production team. 

Most of these high-speed shots were captured in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, with the goal to express the charisma and personality of each different borough. 

The main idea was to show constant motion during the course of the video. Instead of just looking at a stunning Solé Bicycle, the aim was to portray what it was really like to ride one.  

The talent; Marilyn Rondon, is a Brooklyn based artist and tattoo'd major babe.  Marilyn was the perfect subject to have a ride-along with, showing not only the pure fun of riding a Solé, but also the ease of transportation and light-weight functionality. 

Check out Marilyn Killing it on the Burnside

Solé Bicycle Co - The Burnside

Glenn's Notes:

"Solé is the exact kind of brand that I like to work with....hip and smart, with a genuine commitment to their product. 

Even my SOLÉ turns heads wherever I go....and I am not a 'tattoo'd major babe'."

You can see all Glenn's filmmaking at

Choosing Your Next Bike: Going Lightweight and Incorporating Artistry May 09 2013

Solé likes to think of bicycles as more than just mere transportation. Our bicycles are extensions of your life, and we want all our customers to feel the same. We’ve said it time and again that your bicycle should define art and functionality. It should be a mobile representation of who you are, or a mobile canvas. This is why we’re always talking to customers and helping them decide between a few sweet-ass shit design otions. As all our bicycles are fairly lightweight, we thought we’d just talk about all the aspects of choosing your first (or next!) Solé.

Going Lightweight

The lightweight bike is a European concept reintroduced in the US shortly after the war. It’s been a popular choice since then, whether for road, mountain, or commuter cycling purposes. With most featuring weight reduced by up to fifty percent compared to standard models, lightweight bikes are the easiest to ride. Think about it: you don’t have to use much energy, but you will go quite the distance on these babies.

All Solé bicycles are lightweight, and you can pick them up with just two fingers. Whether you choose to ride it as a fixie or single-speed, we’re proud to say you will get perfection. The construction of its frame geometry and tires maximizes speed and efficiency, ensuring you’re ready to cruise anytime.

Incorporating Artistry

Artistry – this is the element we’re most proud of. How many bicycle manufacturers can say they truly incorporate art into their products? Solé bicycles currently come in twelve designs, each with a distinct personality, tailor-made for its rider. From the sleek and opulent Delano to the feisty and powerful el Tigre, you’ll find something in our collection that will suit your personality best.

In line with our passion for design, we also make it so that you can modify the design of your bike. The bold and blank colors are your canvas, and you can make it as epic as you like. More than visuals, its construction is also an art, and you can rest assured knowing your Solé is not just stylish; it’ll get you places, too.

Visit the Solé Gallery and check out our collection and bike accessories. 

Flying Solo May 09 2013

Recently a dude at a party asked us if switching from a multi-gear bike to single-speed one is a good idea. He has been using the multi-gears and finds it is super expensive to maintain, so he is thinking of getting one of ours. We don’t usually like comparing these two types of bikes because their features and functionalities correspond to  different types of lifestyles and personalities. Nonetheless, we answered the question in the best way we could, and even went to detail for his benefit. Here’s how we explained it to him:

Shortboards and longboards

Multi-gear and single-speed bikes are like shortboards and longboards. Multi-gear bikes have gear ratios that offer its users versatility, and ease of use. It is easier to pedal when going uphill and is much faster as it easily picks up speed. The latter, on the other hand, is mechanically simpler. Because there are no derailleurs or other gear systems, single-speed bicycles are lighter, easier to maintain, and more affordable. 

Pure Fun versus Flexibility

Most people will recommend multi-gear bikes because of the functionality they offer. But not everyone needs this type of mechanism. Multi-gears require more maintenance, and cost a ton more.  They are also suited to avid cyclers, going on 40+ mile rides. Single-gear bikes, on the other hand, are simpler and quite honestly much more fun to use. The simplicity of their mechanism also makes it easy for users to customize them in any way they want. More people actually use the single speed bike, and the trend will only continue to grow far past the multi-gear platform.   

To answer the question of switching between these two types of bicycles, it actually depends on the rider. The feel and function will obviously be different, but you will eventually get used to it. It all boils down to your lifestyle and needs.  Whichever type you choose, Solé Bicycles will always be there to provide all the bikes, parts, and accessories you will ever need. 

Solé Fixtape Vol 11. - Classixx April 23 2013

Back to back Fixtapes comin' at ya!  The fine brethren of Classixx just dropped off this gem of a tape as another teaser for their highly anticipated album 'Hanging Gardens'.  This fixtape is about as sexy as they come, and compliments our weather here in Venice California quite nicely.  The tones are very dreamy and will have you floating rather than pedaling off into the future.  Euphoria comes standard.

Download HERE

??? Coming Soon ???

More About This Month's Artist:

One of the world’s most universally respected DJ duos, L.A. natives and childhood best friends Classixx have headlined everywhere from the famed Paris Social Club to New York’s Webster Hall, touring constantly since the release of their exuberant 2009 single “I’ll Get You,” which featured Lady Gaga songwriter Jeppe. Following their breakout single with acclaimed remixes for Phoenix, Holy Ghost, Mayer Hawthorne, Groove Armada, Yacht, Major Lazer, Gossip and others, for the last two years Classixx have been intent on their debut Hanging Gardens, whittling the LP down from hundreds of sessions to a svelte 12 songs.

At once beaming, breezy and wistful, Hanging Gardens features a variety of coastal summer anthems, from haunting collaborations with Active Child and Superhumanoids singer Sarah Chernoff, to the gleefully catchy Nancy Whang-featuring “All You’re Waiting For,” French Touch-inspired gem “Holding On” and sublime chords of “Dominoes.” Playing a wide array of instruments on Hanging Gardens, Classixx’ full-length debut features impossibly sunny grooves, blithe melodies bred by the coast, coaxed out by the surf, expertly crafted for road trips, pool parties and dance clubs.  Hanging Gardens will release on Innovative Leisure May 14, 2013.

Classixx's Solé's of Choice: The Ocean Front Walk & The Overthrow

Artist Series: Jeff Weins - Visiones de Los Muertos April 17 2013


Jeff Weins has taken a minimal approach on this beautiful art bike featuring warm contrasting colors and detailed penmanship.  It has hand-done written all over it and is sure soak the essence of natural beauty.  In this case, less is more.

Born and raised in California, Jeff Weins thrives on the abstract. With a knack for welding unconventional hues with vivid graphics, his work is an expression of the oddities and misfits in life. Influenced by the fast-paced culture of LA, Jeff Weins' whimsical art mimics the vibrant, off-beat quirks of the city. A boisterous artist with an impish charm armed with a brush and paint palette. The result? A massive collision on canvas that creates a larger-than-life animation. Each canvas, meticulously crafted and one-of-a-kind, skillfully blurs and blends intense pigments to create a memorable and priceless product. For the eccentric, the disobedient, and the revolutionary, each work is a lively fit to satisfy every taste and palate.

Solé Fixtape Vol. 10 - Plastic Plates April 09 2013

The master of composition from a land down under has graced us with curating quite the groovy, movement inspired number.  Plastic Plates probably better known as Felix Bloxsom, has a strong foot in the jazz scene and has done percussion for the likes of Empire of the Sun, The Presets, & Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, just to name a few.  Long story short, the mans a legend, and he's concocted quite the tale for your bicycle rides as the air becomes crisper and the sun shines brighter.  Use this euphoric mixtape with caution, you might wake up doing the backstroke in a pool full of lotion.

Download HERE


Touch Sensitive - Show Me 
Linus Loves - The Love 
Body Language - Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix) 
Low Motion Disco - Love Love Love (Aeroplane mix) 
Kris Menace - We Are ft. The Kiki Twins (Italo Brutalo Remix) 
Marcos Cabral - Latin Box 
Lonely C and Baby Prince - I Wanna Squeeze You 
F3 - Deeper Thoughts (Tiger Stripes Remix) 
South West Seven - Move Back 
James Welsh - The Way 
Box Of Wolves and Christa Vi - Boy (Cyclist Remix) 
Plastic Plates - Things I Didn't Know I Loved

Felix's Solé of choice: The Overthrow

Solé Fixtape Vol. 9 by Le Youth March 20 2013

We love the month of March for a buncha reasons -- the weather, the waves, the extra daylight...  But the real reason we are especially stoked this March is the fact that we are doubling up on our Fixtapes leading up to the summer months.  Yup, you heard it right.  Two Fixtape releases a month.  I mean, we figure we've gotta keep up with the demand for some radical jams seeing that there's a music festival every weekend these days.  

The spring Fixtape collection kicks off with L.A. native Le Youth.  Ever wondered what it would be like if your daytime, cocktail filled pool party combined forces with a 90's R&B dance party?  Well, we wondered the same thing and asked our buddy Le Youth if he would do the honors of making it happen.  Think of this fixtape as your first class non-stop bus ticket into the warmer pastures of an endless summer.  Shades on, fades on.  Oh, and don't forget to flip the cassette tape.


Le Youth - Solé Fixtape Vol. 9 by Le Youth


Side A
Fabolous feat. Tamia - So Into You 
Perseus - Russian Girlfriends
Moon Boots - Got Somebody
Lil' Flip - Sunshine 
Le Youth - C O O L (Le Youth Rock The Boat Edit)
Chris Malinchak - Beside Me
Avant - Reaction
Air Zaïre - Play
Jade - Every Day Of The Week (Finnebassen Remake)
Mase - All I Ever Wanted

(Flip Tape)

Side B
R.Kelly feat. Keri Hilson - Number One Sex
Rotkraft - To Love You (Vancington Remix) (Le Youth Edit)
Behling & Simpson - Politics
Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)
(Hidden Track)

More about this month's Fixtape Artist:


"It's complicated" - Le Youth

Le Youth's Solé of Choice: The Delano

Switching from Fixed Gear to Single Speed (Feat. SCS) March 01 2013

Over the last month lots of y'all have been asking about changing your Solé Bicycle from rugged fixed gear mode, over to our cruiser single speed mode.  Solé Family member Ben P has scoured the Venice boardwalk looking for a worthy teacher well versed in the bicycle arts.  

Today his journey culminated with an in-depth tutorial presented by none other then the masta blasta "Snake Charmer Solomon" himself.

Step 1

Grab Yer Tools 

Tools Needed:

1) Ghetto A** Wrench
2) Crap Sunglasses 
3) Rubber Snakes
4) Your Best Buddy!

Step 2

Loosen the Little Chain Tensioner Nuts


Step 3

Loosen the Big Axle Nuts

Step 4

Remove the Chain & Flip the Script on Em'


Step 5

Attach the Chain and Slide it in



Step 6

Tighten the Little Chain Tensioner Nuts



Step 7

Tighten the Big Axle Nuts



Step 8

Twerk it









Solé Fixtape Vol. 8 by Oliver February 20 2013


If Lionel Richie was fueled by propane, sported reebok pumps and night crawled the mean streets of Venice, you'd end up with something that sounded a little bit like, well... let's just say we were lucky enough to capture the radness in this month's Fixtape.

Solé Bicycle Co. is pleased to present this month's Fixtape, from LA's own, Oliver, the electro-funk super group of Oliver Goldstein & Vaughn Oliver. They've been making waves with their deep undertones, infectiously funky riffs, and intergalactic space beats, sure to make your mother shutter. Whether you prowl dark alleys hanging out in various voodoo circles or spend your free time spreading funky mayo on your friend's sandwiches, this Fixtape is for you. Strap on your helmet and chuck the deuce, because you're on the highway to hell.

*Disclaimer: We are not responsible for excessive sweating or booty clapping.  If you experience anything lasting more than 5 hours, please contact your physician.


Oliver - Night Is On My Mind 
DJ Day - Beta (Recloose's Hit It Quit It Edit) 
Jimmy Edgar - Sex Drive (Jon Convex Remix) (Slow Edit) 
Zombie Nation - Maingame 
Miss Kitten - Come Into My House 
Prins Thomas - Flau Pappadans 1 
Daniel Avery - Water Jump 
Grand Corporation - Wonder & Amazement (Deetron Instrumental) 
Luna Circus - Once Upon a Time 
Supernova - Energizer (Supernova 2013 Mix) 
Chicken Lips - He Not In 
Gesaffelstein - Video Exposition 
Little Dragon - My Step 
Paranoid London - Paris Dub 1 
Eli Escobar - Work It 
Scott Hardkiss - Come On Come On (Morgan Geist Remix)  
Djedjotronic - Walk With Me 
D.I.M. - Eternal 
Eigo - Bring It 
Noob - Freak People 
Fake Blood - All In The Blink 
Toni Toni Lee - Girl I Used To Know (Shazam Remix) 
Robots With Rayguns (Feat. Patrick Baker) - Right Through Me

More About This Months Artist:

Oliver have found the beating heart inside the dance machine. Whether moving bodies at the world’s biggest electronic festivals, or hand-crafting digital gems in the studio, the producer / DJ duo of U-Tern and Oligee are responsible for some of the funkiest, toughest, and most diverse dance music today.

After spending years writing, producing, DJing and digging for vinyl, U-Tern and Oligee linked up in LA to forge something groundbreaking. They took their shared ’80s baby tastes – relentlessly groovy R&B, boombox worthy hip-hop, soaring electropop hooks – and mashed them together in remixes for everyone from Chromeo and Foster The People to Breakbot and techno godfather Juan Atkins. Original jams like “All Night” and “Dirty Talk” (supported by dance music luminaries like Alan Braxe and Busy P) took Oliver’s back-to-the-future sound even further, while high-powered collaborations with A-Trak (“Disco Nap”) and Destructo (“LA Funky”) brought the duo to the festival circuit, where they kept hands in the air all summer.

With the release of their Fool’s Gold EP Mechanical, Oliver push their hybrid sound to even funkier new horizons. The stadium worthy opener “MYB” perfectly segues into the moody strut of “Night Is On My Mind,” before shifting gears with the hands-in-the-air ecstasy of “Control” and riding off into the sunset on the title track’s cinematic pulse. With non-stop DJ sets on deck (complete with Oligee’s live keyboard riffs) and even more new music, there’s no telling where the beats will take them next. “Oliver is all over the map,” says U-Tern. “But we’re going to have a good time no matter what.”

Oliver's Solé's of Choice: The El Tigre & The Overthrow

Artist Series: Taylor Dunfee Speedster February 07 2013

Raw & Mean.  The ultimate gear-head minimalistic artist edition fixie.  Hand-done brushed aluminum finish and tatted up by black ink, this is not only a true speedster, but an incredibly detailed work of art. 

"Taylor Scott Dunfee hates talking or writing for that matter, in the third person, so I won't be doing that. Things I love, art, photography, my life, whisky, being creative, riding motos, creative people, love..... Too many to name. Do something creative every fucking day, you may surprise yourself. Love More."

Want more?  Feast yer eyes on some more of his work below:

Solé Fixtape Vol. 7 by Goldroom January 29 2013

Oh you thought we forgot something this month?  Nope.  Better late than never with this one.  Yes you've waited over a month and a half for this new Fixtape.  But think of it this way -- your wait will be that much shorter for the next volume.  

This month, Solé Bicycle Co. is pleased to introduce the newest member of the Fixtape family -- Fixtape Vol. 7 by Goldroom.  For those of you who were smart/stupid enough to attend our shindig a few weeks ago, you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect from this month's Fixtape.  

We could sit here and ramble off a bunch of descriptors about Goldroom and his tropical textures, but we figured a polaroid would best do the trick.  This Sunset snap, taken steps from the Solé HQ, is an ode to the place we call home -- Venice Beach.  (#nofilter, just in case you're wondering) 

So on that note, enjoy this month's edition of the Fixtape series and keep your ears flappin for next months.  And as always, we have more artwork to add to your collection:



1. Saycet - Opal (Anoraak Remix)
2. Regina - Haluan Sinut (Kisses Remix)
3. Air Zaire - Play
4. Bit Funk - The Long Road Ahead
5. F3 - Deeper Thoughts (Tiger Stripes Remix)
6. 5 Reasons - Nightdrive In Moscow
7. Cassian - I Like What You're Doing (Issac Tichauer Remix)
8. Charli XCX - You (Ha Ha Ha) (Goldroom Remix)
9. Bazz - Islands
10. Satin Jackets - You Make Me Feel Good
11. Grizzly Bear - gun-shy (Lindstrøm Remix)
12. Toro Y Moi - Say That
13. Strange Talk - Cast Away (Plastic Plates Remix)
14. Goldroom - Fifteen (Black Van & Oliver Blend by Silenx)
15. Lancelot - Higher Ground
16. Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me
17. Hior Chronik - Still Foggy (Cosmonaut Grechko Version)

Goldroom's Solé of choice is the Manhappenin

More about this month's Fixtape Artist:

Born from the simplicity of emotive choruses and lush electronic ornaments, Goldroom has transformed into a fascinating tale of modern music culture; a nostalgic romance of tropical textures and soulful rhythms.  

After the success of his single “Fifteen”, which found itself with over 300,000 plays on Soundcloud, the top spot on the Hype Machine charts, features on Pitchfork, Spinner, MTV, and spins on BBC Radio 1, few can say that they’ve had a year quite like Goldroom has. In less than that amount of time, Goldroom’s travels have seen him touring on stages in Asia, Europe, South America, Central America, Australia, and of course across the USA and Canada.

His follow up original single, “Sweetness Alive” features the luscious vocals of SLL (formerly Saint Lou Lou), a beautiful track that both perfectly compliments his debut, and begins to set the stage for the upcoming debut of Goldroom’s live band performance over this spring’s SXSW Festival in Austin, TX.

As an established remixer in his own right, Goldroom has gone on to work with such buzz-worthy acts as Niki & The Dove, Atlas Genius, Alpine, Poolside, and Gigamesh. Most notably, his remix for Niki & The Dove has been streamed more than 3 million times on YouTube and has been supported by The Magician, Aeroplane, Alex Metric and more.

Be on the lookout for even more from one of this year’s greatest success stories, both on the road and in the studio. With a full length album already in the works, you can rest assured that this remarkable tale will find you on a steady hunt for the dance floor.

Recap: Solé Presents Goldroom, Moon Boots, U-Tern, Tropicool & Bixel -- 2013 Launch Party January 16 2013

Whoa, talk about a rager.  Thanks to everyone who joined us last weekend for easily the raddest Solé event we've ever thrown.  And props to our incredible line-up of artists that made sure sweat was dripping from the ceiling by the end of the night.  See if you can find yourself actin' a fool in the recap vid.  


Also, our homie Rony was able to snap some ridiculous photos from the madness.  Check them out here!


Sole Bicycles: 2013 Line Launch Party @ V-Lounge courtesy BRILLIANT IMAGES


Do yourself a favor and learn a little more about these insanely talented artists and musicians that joined the Solé Launch Party. 


Music:                       Art:

Goldroom                 Taylor Dunfee

Moon Boots             Kelcey Fisher

U-Tern                      Jeff Weins

Tropicool                 Diego Valdivia

Bixel Boys                Sloth


Solé NYC Takeover January 07 2013

Two Guys, Two bikes, Two days before the hurricane hit, and One epic film crew. We went out to NYC to have a blast, and to spread the Solé Family love to our counterparts back east, here is the result. 

Filmed and Edited by Julian Marshall.  Our thoughts go out to all the people impacted by the storm.


Solé Fixtape Vol. 6 by Viceroy December 18 2012

The days are getting shorter, the air is getting colder and the moon is shining a little brighter during these winter nights.  Fear not, we have the perfectly blended elixir to warm your soul as you pedal off into the darkening abyss -- your mind lingers as you float towards the horizon.  Magical moon-lit nights like these are usually reserved for cinema happy endings, true romance, and strangers in the night; but now, it's your turn.  Get your blood pumping as you ride off into the indigo laced skyline and create your own fairytale.


Goldroom - Sweetness Alive
Le Youth - COOL
Rogue Vogue - Feel Love
Isaac Tichauer - I Forgive You
??? - ???
Talking Heads - Girlfriend is Better (Bit Funk Edit)
LifeLike feat. A-Trak - Don't Stop (Gigamesh Remix)
The Presets - Promises (Plastic Plates Remix)
Amtrac - Those Days (Viceroy Remix)
Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin (RAC Mix)
??? - ???
Cerrone - Misunderstanding (A-Trak & Codes Remix)
Para One - When the Night (Amtrac Remix)
Artful Dodger - Please Don't Turn me On (Disclosure Remix)

More about this month's Solé Bicycle Fixtape Artist:

Viceroy was a project started by producer Austen Afridi in February 2011 during his senior year at Trinity College. Since then his music has gained mass popularity quickly due to his unique feel good production style. His motto “Summertime, All The Time” is the best way to describe his music. Ranging from tropical hip hop remixes to disco house, Viceroy has taken it upon himself to not associate himself with a specific genre, but instead with the best season of the year: Summer. He has played all over the world spreading his feel good music.

Solé Fixtape Vol. 5 by Gigamesh November 20 2012

Wait, whats that??  You thought we were just going to let you cultivate your upper-lip tickler, only to let it blow majestically in the wind without anything to groove to?  No way man.  On behalf of all you Mo growers, we are pleased to bring you our monthly Fixtape, courtesy of yours truly, Solé Bicycle Co.  This month we've partnered up with Movember to help find a cure for prostate cancer -- like we need another reason to grow out our stachios.  Don't know what Movember is?  Get outta yer konk shell and get amongst it.  In fact, join our squad and help us creep out peeps and raise money at the same time. 

How to make a Solé Fixtape by Gigamesh  


3 parts laser beam

2 parts time-traveling cosmonauts

1 part screeching pterodactyl

1 part moustache

1 part Gigamesh

Shake.  Dance.  Repeat.


Gigamesh - Solé Fixtape Vol. 5 by GIGAMESH


Raleigh Moncrief - Lament for Morning
Débruit - Cri (Kelpe Remix)
Flume - Holdin On
AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It
Mux Mool - Raw Gore
Al Usher - Here Today
Breakbot - Easy Fraction
Onra - L.O.V.E.
Matthias Zimmermann - Quincy
Madi Diaz - Trust Fall (Jensen Sportag Remix)
Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me
Les Sins - Fetch
Four Tet - Jupiters
Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru
Machinedrum - Come1

A little more about this month's artist:

Gigamesh is the stage name of Matt Masurka, an American multi-platinum selling music producer and DJ. His numerous remixes and two EPs have earned him a swiftly building reputation as one of the most versatile and consistent names in indie-dance music.

Born & raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota (aka Prince & Jimmy Jam's hometown, Lipps Inc's "Funkytown", etc), it’s no surprise Gigamesh has developed a keen taste for funk, disco and pop. The sound is immediately recognizable in much of his music, however he maintains a flexible aesthetic. Gigamesh is a fan of minimalist concert music, film scores, classic rock, italo disco, French house, Miami bass, and genre-bending electronic music. These elements have all combined to forge his all-inclusive approach to music appreciation and creation.

In October 2011, Gigamesh released his debut self-titled EP on Our Label International, which received wide acclaim in the disco and indie-dance community. Following his debut, Gigamesh began to develop a close relationship with French record label Kitsuné resulting in an invitation to perform on their highly-anticipated U.S. Club Night tour and the release of the “All My Life” EP by Kitsuné in May of 2012. In support of this EP Gigamesh has been touring the globe, including Asia, Australia, North America, and UK/Europe.